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El reencuentro de la marca con el Dakar no podría ser mejor: primera posición de la etapa de hoy para Sunderland, el joven piloto inglés que gana por primera vez en el Dakar, y general mantenida para Barreda, que ve alejarse hacia atrás a sus máximos rivales.

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Mar, 07/01/2014 - 09:11
Spain happens to have 55-33 riders in the World Tour
The Spanish squad in the World Tour withers . In 2014 there is only one team, Movistar, and will go from 55 runners in 2013-33 . Besides , the average age is the highest of the highest caliber : 30,5 years. That is, there are fewer cyclists in our country, and are older .monton cycling jersey The future does not look good , since Itching (34 ) , Valverde (33) or View (31 ) face their last campaigns . Samuel ( 35) has not signed with anyone after the disappearance of Euskaltel , the other was training in First.
The number of riders in the World Tour is reduced one-third , and 21 of the 33 have 30 or more years : In this 2014 a very sharp reversal will occur. Last season , Spain was the second nation in number, just behind Italy ( 68). This season has dropped to fifth . And the lace puts age : 30.5 years national cyclists exceed by more than two to Germans ( 28.3) , Italy (28.3) , French ( 28) and Belgium ( 27.9) , the other larger groups .
But there are more negative data . Only five former Euskaltel, Landa (Astana ) , Anton ‘s Izaguirre and Lobato (Movistar ) and Snow (Sky ) have found a place in the elite. The Caja Rural will remain in second , while the third will continue in Euskadi . There are no structures or a generational shift emerging. Doping and the economic crisis have done much damage .
The Tinkoff Contador is the oldest , the Argos, the youngest
The Saxo – Tinkoff Alberto Contador, who turned 31 in December , is the oldest of the 18 teams in the World Tour in 2014 , with an average age of 29.43 . I could still call at the structure of Oleg Tinkov Samuel Sanchez , 35 . The youngest will be the Argos, with 26.06 and a particularity: in their ranks run the only Malaysian Loh Sea Keong , 27 . If the average is 28.06 First , the Movistar is just six tenths above : 28.69 . The number of countries represented is reduced from 44 to 2013-41 . colnago cycling jersey Debut 92 cyclists and France became the country with more runners ( 78), to snatch the top spot from Italy (68 in 2013) . Another significant change for 2014 : the number of training has fallen from 19 in 2013-18 , and last season ‘s Katusha Itching was readmitted in first after the International Cycling Union (UCI) to exclude him in the selection process licenses.